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Boosting the SME Business for India’s GDP Growth

Over the last few years, several nations across the world have understood the importance of the small and medium industries in boosting the economy of the country. SMEs have gained great attention recently and the several surveys conducted, indicate that SMEs have the potential to make the economy grow and keep it balanced. The biggest advantage of SMEs in a country like India is generating employment and boosting the nation’s GDP.

There are over 50 million SMEs in India both registered and unregistered which is 95 % of the industrial units in India as a whole. This accounts for 38% GDP. SMEs are responsible for 106 million employments i.e. 40 % of India’s total workforce and produce around 6000 products.

In developing economies like India, strengthening SMEs ensures that the purchasing power of the poor and middle-class section of the society experiences a great uplifting and also that the tremendous difference between the middle class and upper-class section of the society is reduced. SMEs play an important role in the development of the economies across the urban as well as the rural sections of the country. Small and medium scale enterprises have been creating a surge in employment in various sectors as well.

What limits the growth and development of SMEs in India?

The growth and the need to develop SMEs are very crucial for the economy for various reasons. But often these businesses are not able to sustain or grow due to financial limitations at various stages. In India, … Read More

Are online business loans safe?

The concept of the internet and digital economy has influenced various processes that are witnessed on a daily basis. From shopping for all your daily needs from e-merchants to planning for your vacation online, the internet has eased and made things much more convenient than ever before. The rapid growth in the popularity of the internet has caused the banking and lending industry to also move towards digitization. This instituted the foundation of various Fintech companies. Fintech which is better known as financial technology has aided funding corporations to now offer loans through the internet, which means, now getting a business loan would not require you to spend hours standing in long queues, holding documents just to apply for one.

However, the concept of online funding is relatively new to Indians because of which the majority of them still prefer the traditional approach of applying for loans rather than online loans. This is because they assume online business loans may not be a safe option. However, this is a myth that needs to be uprooted. So let us look into some facts that confirm why online loans are very safe to apply for?

Your Information is always kept safe: Whenever you apply for an online business loan, your lender would keep your personal credentials safeguarded with them. This information is only used by the lender in order to proceed with verification of your loan application and is never given out to 3rd parties for strengthening their insights on you.

Online Read More

The Best Ways to Service Your Septic System

Septic system should remain at the frontline of your home hygiene the septic system should, therefore, remain maintained throughout the year and avoid any chances of spillage or bad smell as this can render you and your household liable for hygiene-related infections.

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Inspect and Exhaust Frequently

Though the septic system can remain in good condition for a long time even up to 3 years depending on various factors, it is always wise to regularly inspect it. Check and see whether the system is blocked by any substance. Consider the level of the septic tank especially after heavy rains. You should have noticed that the tank might get filled faster when you have many people in the house. Everyone uses a lot of water, and all this finds its way into the septic tank. So, when you have events at home, it is prudent to use other means to avoid overburdening your septic system. A good bet is any portable showers Bernalillo nm, toilets, and any sanitary equipment. It is advisable you call the exhauster service providers to dispose of accumulated waste without overfilling your tank.

Reduce Water Wastage

Imagine on average; one person uses about 70 gallons of water daily. How many people do you have in your home? Don’t you think this is enough amount of water that goes into your system? If this one alone is enough, what about the extra water as a result of spillage? Always make sure that your taps are not leaking in … Read More

How rubber is used industrially

Rubber is used all over the world for many purposes including automotive, agricultural, industrial, and in shoes and boots.

According to data from the International Rubber Study Group, in 2015 about 12 million tonnes of natural rubber have been produced. There are many different types of rubber produced for industrial use, including silicone, natural latex and hypalon. The product to be manufactured determines the type of rubber that would be used.

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Common items made of rubber are shoes, toys, erasers and rubber bands. Larger primary uses are tires, pipeline gaskets and PVC water stoppers. All rubber parts are used in various places due to its flexible nature and its functionality. It plays a major role in the automobile industry, and about 75-80% of the rubber used in the U.S. is used for automotive purposes. The average automobile has around two hundred (give or take) parts made of rubber, including the tires and tubes. Rubber is used in a automobile in almost all forms as latex, soft and hard rubber, or sponge rubber.

In the Beauty Industry, silicone rubber provides all of the necessary qualities, and can be molded and cut into a preferred shape, and can be assembled.

Rubber bands are usually manufactured using natural rubber because of its great elasticity. One of the largest buyers of rubber bands in the world is the U.S. Post Office for the use of sorting and delivery of mail. Other consumers of rubber bands are the agricultural and flower industries. Softer rubber bands … Read More

Important Aspects to Consider When Thinking About Outsourcing Your Customer Service Department

Each time that you look through the line items in your corporate budget there is only cost which stands high above the rest. It’s the cost of running your customer service department. And while you may not like the idea of paying so much, the truth is that customers aren’t likely to keep buying your product if you don’t provide a level of customer service.

The next organic thought for a business owner or CEO is to simply outsource the department and see an immediate reduction in costs.

And while it’s true that you can expect to see a cost reduction, there are many other aspects to consider, such as the ones below.

You Won’t Receive the Same Quality of Staff

Internal customer service centers are known for their high quality of staff. And while this isn’t always required to perform the role, it is beneficial when dealing with social nuances and irate customers who require a little more attention and care than a script on the screen can provide.

While the quality of staff you will receive through an outsourcing model will be adequate to do the job you need, that is all they will be able to do. All of the additional tasks that you relied on them to complete will no longer be done. Instead, you will receive only an agent who can perform the task and follow any scripts or prompts.

Outsourcing companies are able to do this through detailed research and interview techniques to enable … Read More